Month: February 2014

Power OFF and ON USB device in linux (ubuntu)

There are two methods of doing this. So first method is for kernels after 2.6.32, and second for older ones. To view kernel version, simply [...]

Squirrelmail hangs forever (DNS cache problem)

Noticed that one squirrelmail sometime hangs. It contained default directadmin installation configs. Straced proccess, and found that it queries DNS [...]

MX backup server with postfix on debian

Not to lose mails when main mail server is down, best solution is - mx backup server. This is configuration to have backup mx server set up and [...]

RC car steering solution?

One solution came in mind for RC car steering. Control servo (planned or RC car steering) with potentiometer. Testing setup is very simple. Servo setup: [...]

New project idea – RC car

One day thought that would be nice to make a RC car controlled with arduino. Unfortunately I don't know how make such hardware, I needed to to find any car, [...]

Arduino + servo simple setup

Using servo with arduino is pretty easy. Here is my setup: [...]

Exim mail via different IP

In /etc/exim.conf You need to [...]