New project idea – RC car



One day thought that would be nice to make a RC car controlled with arduino.
Unfortunately I don’t know how make such hardware, I needed to to find any car, that has possibility to turn front wheels to both sides.

After few days of searching (all of them were expensive or front wheels were “fixed” they were able only to rotate clock or co-clock wise) found this:
RC car

As it was broken and unpacked, it cost only 13$. It was even cheaper than cars without any RC stuff (anyway it will be thrown out).

This car had strange design. It was written on it that it’s able to make turns, but remote control had only forward and back buttons. As after trying to figure out, method was revealed! The secret was, that front wheel may turn only to one side and it’s not connected to anything, SO when You drive forward – car goes straight, but when goes backwards, because of inertia, wheels turn a little bit to one side :)
Imagine that in real life… Strange solution…
After taking deeper peek to front construction, I saw few plastic peaces, that after cutting them out, I would be able to turn wheels fully to left and to right – THAT’S WHAT I NEEDED!

Few pics of parts:
RC car disassembly
RC car dissasembled
RC car back wheels

So project may be considered as has been started.
All solutions, suggestions and similar stuff are welcome in comments :)


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