CP2102 + Arduino pro mini HOW TO



One day I noticed, that arduino pro mini are quite cheap for everyday stuff.
It’s very small, and to keep lower price, this Arduino does not have USB interface.
On ebay it’s ~3$:
Arduino pro mini

For writing sketches to this Arduino, bought CP2102 USB to UART brige:
Arduino + CP2102

It’s easy to connect. Arduino has few pins with the same name, so You may choose any of them.
I personally didn’t even solder that additional part of arduino mini pro in front, as same pins were on side anyway.
CP2102 and arduino mini pro on breadboard

CP2102        Arduino mini pro
GND            GND (green wire)
VCC            VCC (blue wire)
TX0            RX1 (grey wire)
RX1            TX0 (violet wire)
DTR    +||-    RST (capacitor between pins 0.1-1uF) (orange, capacitor, then red)

Also both ends on arduino: VCC with RST via 10-12Kohms resistor. (just resistor between pins)


Mine, easy to setup for code uploading:
Arduino CP2102
Arduino + CP2102 assembled


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