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Fixing error “firmware: failed to load libertas/sd8688_helper.bin (-2)”

After debian install onto guruplug, I’ve noticed few errors:

Also, neither Bluetooth nor Wifi were working. To be able to install the libertas firmare You must enable non-free software in Your apt source configuration:

Append “non-free” to Your main deb sources to look like this:

Now just run the apt-get update, and Your package should be visible:

And error should be gone.

Installing Debian on GuruPlug Server Plus

Let’s hookup our GuruPlug JTAG board as described in GuruPlug serial connection post. Latest debian testing images for GuruPlug may be found here. Boot up the device:

  Load images to a NAND temporary location

Updating u-boot on GuruPlug Server PLUS

After long post starvation period GuruPlug got chance to be used again. It seems logical, that all the software needs updated. I’ve checked my old post, and it seems like it has some parts missing, and those links with u-boot images doesn’t have any recent update. So I’m here to fix that part. As it’s a follow up to the old uboot install post I won’t get into details. Don’t forget the disclaimer: Disclaimer Please, keep in mind, that rewriting U-Boot erases all the environment variables including the ones that contain Your boot parameters, so Your existing OS will become unbootable! The new OS install will be covered in the next post. Let’s hookup our GuruPlug JTAG board as described in GuruPlug serial connection post. And let’s view the version:

We are going to use a testing version. It’s much more recent version. If You want to use a… Read more >

Getting rid of “kernel:nf_ct_ftp” messages

Sometimes firewall drops nf_ct_ftp messages to console and disturbs the work during increased amount of traffic to FTP port.

Those messages may be redirected by creating a file /etc/rsyslog.d/iptables.conf with contents:

Then restart rsyslog daemon, and all those messages should be logged to /var/log/messages from now on:


1. What is Yubikey? A YubiKey is a small hardware device that offers two-factor authentication with a simple touch of a button. YubiKeys are built strong enough for the largest enterprises, while remaining simple enough for anyone to use. The YubiKey NEO offers both contact (USB) and contactless (NFC, MIFARE) communications. YubiKeys support FIDO U2F, Yubico-OTP, OATH-OTP, OATH-HOTP, OATH-TOTP, OpenPGP, and PIV, and one security key can support an unlimited number of applications without the need for drivers, client software, or batteries.[1]

WordPress visual html editor missing (only Text mode)

It was a pitty, when richer text format was required, but none of the features were visible. And when installing MCEtiny, CKeditor and other plugins didn’t do anything for that, it brought me an idea that some plugin may be interfering with the latest wordpress version. Fortunately answer was incredibly simple. It seems like WP users have a setting of “visual” editor, that was disabled. To reenable Visual editor, go to user settings, and find the place:  

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