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Squirrelmail hangs forever (DNS cache problem)

Noticed that one squirrelmail sometime hangs.
It contained default directadmin installation configs.

Straced proccess, and found that it queries DNS servers for a quite long time (only snippet):

After “querying” for some time, it generated file:

As quick investigation revealed, it’s squirrelmail spam filter enabled by directadmin:

It contains old and already non working blacklist links, for spam control.
Found README file of current squirrelmail version spam plugin here

Snippet from README:

So my advice would be just to disable this plugin and use other filters on server.
With directadmin there is perfect spam filter: spamassassin, or You may add blacklist filters straight to Your mail transfer agent (most used postfix and exim have this feature).

If there is a question how to disable it, here is example (default directadmin squirrelmail config):

make to:

Problem solved

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