Getting rid of “kernel:nf_ct_ftp” messages

Sometimes firewall drops nf_ct_ftp messages to console and disturbs the work during increased amount of traffic to FTP port. [crayon-588469f3ad291112899464/] Those messages may be redirected by creating a file /etc/rsyslog.d/iptables.conf with contents: [crayon-588469f3ad29e181949938/] Then restart rsyslog daemon, and all those messages should [...]

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The service ‘freshclam’ on server is currently down (Debian 8)

If You are getting mails from DA about: [crayon-588469f3ae2dd342238504/] [...]


1. What is Yubikey? A YubiKey is a small hardware device that offers two-factor authentication with a simple touch of a button. YubiKeys are built strong enough for the [...]

WordPress visual html editor missing (only Text mode)

It was a pitty, when richer text format was required, but none of the features were visible. And when installing MCEtiny, CKeditor and other plugins didn't do anything for [...]

“bash: scp: command not found” despite it exists

If You receive the error something like, despite the scp exist: [crayon-588469f3ae4f5013943167/] It may look silly, but please check if the destination server has that [...]

git error “server certificate verification failed”

I've got this message on Ubuntu 12.04. Other servers seemed to work fine. [crayon-588469f3ae6c7671695231/] The fix: Append CA root of that cert to file: [...]

Cracking the RSA keys (Part 2 – generating the private key)

Previous part: Part 1 - Cracking the RSA keys (Part 1 - getting the private exponent) PART 2 For a private key generation, we need to create an asn1parse.txt file [...]

Cracking the RSA keys (Part 1 – getting the private exponent)

The whole idea of the RSA private key is the hardness of factorisation of two very large prime numbers. That's why recommended RSA keys are >2048bit long. I won't get into [...]