Getting rid of “kernel:nf_ct_ftp” messages

Sometimes firewall drops nf_ct_ftp messages to console and disturbs the work during increased amount of traffic to FTP port. [crayon-5883effff393d997013348/] Those messages may be redirected by creating a file /etc/rsyslog.d/iptables.conf with contents: [crayon-5883effff3949978578588/] Then restart rsyslog daemon, and all those messages should [...]

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Add a separate SSL certificate for a subdomain in Directadmin

Directadmin doesn't have possibility to add SSL certificate for a subdomain, unless You add it as a separate domain in domain control. You may also use separate SSL [...]

Wrong LSAPI header type: 6 instead of expected 7

If You are getting this error after update: [crayon-5883efffececa580689856/] That's because cloudlinux developers modified their lsapi code, and didn't add variable [...]

DBD::mysql perl module hasn’t been fully installed

DADA mail error: [crayon-5883efffed0ea569828698/] [...]

wsgi_python.h missing

[crayon-5883efffed339718249543/] [...]

Yubikey 2 factor authentication for wordpress (U2F)

At last my Yubikey arrived! Yubikey-edge to be more precise. First thing I wanted to do is to enable 2factor authentication for this blog :) [...]

The host at this IP address is infected with the CryptPHP PHP malware.

Have anyone else got the same problem with Full message is here: [crayon-5883efffed7d7431567497/] [...]

Cacti Allowed memory size of 123456 bytes exhausted

If You get such error on after installing cacti, and no mater how big memory_limit: [crayon-5883f00001955093522410/] Please make sure if You imported the cacti sql [...]