Month: February 2012

Creating debian template for lxc virtualization

To create debian template for lxc you need fresh copy of debian system. Well, we do have one installed recently on guruplug. All debian install on guruplug [...]

Adding bridge interface for lxc containers

You can make a bridge by changing network configuration file: [crayon-5842aea0463fe378830042/] In this configuration I used br0 static configuration. If [...]

Could not chdir to home directory /home/nsc: Permission denied /bin/bash: Permission denied Connection to closed.

after creating lxc container, I wasn't able to connect to it as a simple user. Also couldn't change to simple user using "su". All I got was an [...]

sudo without password

This line should do the job: [crayon-5842aea046ae3556936797/] You can edit sudoers file by entering command [...]

varnish+nginx as backend and real IP

With default config nginx all IP addresses shows as localhost. Here is configuration to show real client IP. Snippet from varnish [...]

Replace string in all files using sed in linux

Replaces all "OLDSTRING" to "NEWSTRING" in all files [crayon-5842aea0471fe148362475/] or using [...]