The service ‘freshclam’ on server is currently down (Debian 8)

If You are getting mails from DA about: [crayon-5883f089d3d3f533035855/] [...]

Add a separate SSL certificate for a subdomain in Directadmin

Directadmin doesn't have possibility to add SSL certificate for a subdomain, unless You add it as a separate domain in domain control. You may also use [...]

Script: populating the domainips file for the exim automatically (DirectAdmin)

Script for populating /etc/virtual/domainips records for the exim. Exim configuration change is described here It takes IP that is assigned to that domain [...]

How-to: Sending emails using IP address per domain in exim (Directadmin)

To be able to send mails via different IP per domain, You need to do the following changes in the /etc/exim.conf file: Find the "remote_smtp:" part, [...]

client denied by server configuration: owncloud and directadmin

If got error with owncloud when using owncloud application (custombuild managed structure): [crayon-5883f089d5415803625636/] Solution is to enable PUT [...]

Squirrelmail hangs forever (DNS cache problem)

Noticed that one squirrelmail sometime hangs. It contained default directadmin installation configs. Straced proccess, and found that it queries DNS [...]