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Add a separate SSL certificate for a subdomain in Directadmin

Directadmin doesn’t have possibility to add SSL certificate for a subdomain, unless You add it as a separate domain in domain control. You may also use separate SSL certificates by creating a custom httpd (or nginx, but it would require to change the CAROOT line) file in user configuration dir i.e. loginroot.com.cust_httpd (or loginroot.com.cust_nginx if it’s nginx).

Script: populating the domainips file for the exim automatically (DirectAdmin)

Script for populating /etc/virtual/domainips records for the exim. Exim configuration change is described here It takes IP that is assigned to that domain in Directadmin and adds it to the domainsip file. Here is the script (Please note: it always overwrites the domainips file!!!):

note: You may add this script to cron, for automatic ‘domainips’ updates.

client denied by server configuration: owncloud and directadmin

If got error with owncloud when using owncloud application (custombuild managed structure):

Solution is to enable PUT requests.

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