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Updating u-boot on GuruPlug Server PLUS

After long post starvation period GuruPlug got chance to be used again. It seems logical, that all the software needs updated. I’ve checked my old post, and it seems like it has some parts missing, and those links with u-boot images doesn’t have any recent update. So I’m here to fix that part. As it’s a follow up to the old uboot install post I won’t get into details. Don’t forget the disclaimer: Disclaimer Please, keep in mind, that rewriting U-Boot erases all the environment variables including the ones that contain Your boot parameters, so Your existing OS will become unbootable! The new OS install will be covered in the next post. Let’s hookup our GuruPlug JTAG board as described in GuruPlug serial connection post. And let’s view the version:

We are going to use a testing version. It’s much more recent version. If You want to use a… Read more >

Cracking the RSA keys (Part 1 – getting the private exponent)

The whole idea of the RSA private key is the hardness of factorisation of two very large prime numbers. That’s why recommended RSA keys are >2048bit long. I won’t get into RSA details itself. If You need any info, it’s here: WIKI For a sake of demonstration, 256bit public_key will be used. With the current hardware that we have these days, it’s very easy crackable.

Lets convert it to a more ‘mathematical’ expression:

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