Openvpn centos 6.4 x64 with certificates

Renewed POST with new info, as openvpn package changed, not everything in old tutorial is true now :) This tutorial is based by old one Default centos [...]

Wrapper /var/www/cgi-bin/cgi_wrapper/cgi_wrapper cannot be accessed: (2)No such file or directory

If You got messed up with PHP in CentOS with plesk 10.4, You might get such error: [crayon-588097fb2e96f752683473/] Small fix to make it work: [...]

Creating debian template for lxc virtualization

To create debian template for lxc you need fresh copy of debian system. Well, we do have one installed recently on guruplug. All debian install on guruplug [...]

varnish+nginx as backend and real IP

With default config nginx all IP addresses shows as localhost. Here is configuration to show real client IP. Snippet from varnish [...]

Replace string in all files using sed in linux

Replaces all "OLDSTRING" to "NEWSTRING" in all files [crayon-588097fb2f6a5900137045/] or using [...]

Guruplug serial connection

If you cannot connect to guruplug for some reason via lan interface, for example sshd stopped running or just firewalled yourself out of it, you can connect to [...]

Create tftp server on ubuntu 11.10

For some tasks, like loading bootloader you need to have tftp server. Here are few steps to set it up and get it running. [...]