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Adding MS exchange compability with evolution-ews in ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 has crappy support for bussiness solutions. You can check MS exchange mail, synchronize calendar in evolution with evolution-ews which is missing in default repository. Exchange has to have owa enabled. Also default client on Ubuntu precise is thunderbird, which doesn’t have ability to use system provided calendar. How silly is that? Didn’t want to add external repositories, as it updates lots of packaged in system, and crappy apt-get doesn’t do its job to keep only one version!!! I needed only one small plugin, so why should I touch all default system, which suppose to be “stable”? Or You can search on internet for reliable repository, try search for all needed packets and include only them, but keep in mind, that newer evolution might require newer libraries, and Your system – older, so You may need to update lots of stuff. Don’t forget, that when You update evolution to… Read more >

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