Month: June 2012

locale.Error: unsupported locale (Solved)

[crayon-5842ad9f6aa3c159450402/] Solution: [crayon-5842ad9f6aa47149277383/] for making it permanent, You have to add it to [...]

apache [warn] module ssl_module is already loaded, skipping (Solved)

[crayon-5842ad9f6ba98609997410/] This happens, because ssl module is enabled in more than 1 place: [crayon-5842ad9f6baa1075207256/] we load all needed [...]

After upgrade: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library (Solved)

After upgrade to php53 [crayon-5842ad9f6c02d369747138/] solution is to go to "/etc/php.d", and disable those .ini [...]