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Fixing error “firmware: failed to load libertas/sd8688_helper.bin (-2)”

After debian install onto guruplug, I’ve noticed few errors:

Also, neither Bluetooth nor Wifi were working. To be able to install the libertas firmare You must enable non-free software in Your apt source configuration:

Append “non-free” to Your main deb sources to look like this:

Now just run the apt-get update, and Your package should be visible:

And error should be gone.

Installing uboot to guruplug server plus

The first thing you have to do, is to read this: http://loginroot.com/disclaimer/ Before installing uboot to guruplug server plus you have to set few things. You have to be able to connect to Guruplug via serial connection. The second thing, is to have tftp server up and running. Also you need to have utp cable (to transfer the image to guruplug) and the boot image itself.

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