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Installing Debian on GuruPlug Server Plus

Let’s hookup our GuruPlug JTAG board as described in GuruPlug serial connection post.

Latest debian testing images for GuruPlug may be found here.

Boot up the device:


Load images to a NAND temporary location

0xa000000 is the same temp location as I used for u-boot, and the 0xa200000 location is the location after uImage (uImage 2058146 bytes in hex is 0x1F67A2, so we added 0x200000 to the uImage location). Exact address doesn’t matter, but You shouldn’t choose address that is going to overwrite uImage.


Set the bootargs for the install, and boot the images from the temporary locations:

After output we get this:

So we got the install working!


The whole Debian install process is the standard one, so I won’t get into details there. Install as You would do on a normal PC.
Or You may take a peak at the sceenshot’s in Debian install to SD card post pictures.

When install is finished, reboot the device and hit any key to stop autobot.


Using the “usb part” command we may identify the device number where our boot images are installed.

So it’s the first device, and the boot images are located on the first “boot” partition (1:1).

We need uImage and uInitrd files

Let’s set boot environment variables, and reset the device

This should be self explanatory. Root partition describes where the / partition is.
Second line starts the usb support and loads uInitrd and uImage to their temporary locations on the NAND flash.
The third line is to basically execute everything.

Everything seems to be booting fine.

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