Getting rid of “kernel:nf_ct_ftp” messages

Sometimes firewall drops nf_ct_ftp messages to console and disturbs the work during increased amount of traffic to FTP port. [crayon-5883ef8b5f608149565157/] Those messages may be redirected by creating a file /etc/rsyslog.d/iptables.conf with contents: [crayon-5883ef8b5f613254967607/] Then restart rsyslog daemon, and all those messages should [...]

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Installing uboot to guruplug server plus

The first thing you have to do, is to read this: Before installing uboot to guruplug server plus you have to set few things. You have [...]

Guruplug serial connection

If you cannot connect to guruplug for some reason via lan interface, for example sshd stopped running or just firewalled yourself out of it, you can connect to it using serial [...]

Create tftp server on ubuntu 11.10

For some tasks, like loading bootloader you need to have tftp server. Here are few steps to set it up and get it running. [...]

Recover mysql root password

It happens quite often, that You need to do something on database, which was installed long long time ago. And nobody remembers the root password. Kinda good practice [...]

Hello world!

Today, new blog is [...]