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varnish+nginx as backend and real IP

With default config nginx all IP addresses shows as localhost. Here is configuration to show real client IP. Snippet from varnish config:

Snippet from nginx config:

Replace string in all files using sed in linux

Replaces all “OLDSTRING” to “NEWSTRING” in all files

or using find:

Centos wordpress php-fpm + nginx + apc

If you tired of having same old apache, and want something more fast and reliable, you can install nginx + php-fpm. Firstly you need to install new repo, to have ability to add those packages. And php-fpm works out of the box (without need to patch PHP) with version PHP 5.3. Official repository does not have this version yet.

Installing uboot to guruplug server plus

The first thing you have to do, is to read this: http://loginroot.com/disclaimer/ Before installing uboot to guruplug server plus you have to set few things. You have to be able to connect to Guruplug via serial connection. The second thing, is to have tftp server up and running. Also you need to have utp cable (to transfer the image to guruplug) and the boot image itself.

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