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php5-fpm socket permission denied.

After updating the system, one error occured, despite that everything worked before.

The reason of it is that despite the defined user:

The php startup script still created the socket with the owner of root, and nginx was not able to reach it:

The fix is to add the socket owner with these lines:

And that’s it. Site is up and running again.

changing mysql to innodb_file_per_table=1 with lvm and replication almost without downtime

This conversion was made with mysql 5.5, but it should work with older versions, as replications on mysql were introduced since mysql 3.23.15. Don’t forget the Disclaimer !!! It requires more than the basic knowledge in linux, lvm and mysql. I do NOT take ANY responsibility for Your data loss!!! Long story short:


insmod: error inserting ‘/lib/xenblk.ko’: -1 Operation not permitted () when booting XEN VM

When getting error

Try to rebuild initrd for VM (it also forces resymlinking of kernel in use):

How-to start two skype instances on linux

Basically, for starting the second skype process, You need to have a separate skype data path. So it can be started like that:

If You need all the history or settings of an existing skype, You may just copy that dir:

p.s. You may start even more instances in the same way.

client denied by server configuration: owncloud and directadmin

If got error with owncloud when using owncloud application (custombuild managed structure):

Solution is to enable PUT requests.

Power OFF and ON USB device in linux (ubuntu)

There are two methods of doing this. So first method is for kernels after 2.6.32, and second for older ones. To view kernel version, simply enter:

  find Your USB device, no mather what it is USB flash drive, Yubikey, USB disk drive:

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