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wsgi_python.h missing

The host at this IP address is infected with the CryptPHP PHP malware.

Have anyone else got the same problem with cbl.abuseat.org?? Full message is here:

Cacti Allowed memory size of 123456 bytes exhausted

If You get such error on after installing cacti, and no mater how big memory_limit:

Please make sure if You imported the cacti sql file. My .sql file location was: /usr/share/doc/cacti-0.8.8b/cacti.sql You may easily import the database like:

More info: http://docs.cacti.net/manual:087:1_installation.1_install_unix.5_install_and_configure_cacti

qemu-kvm: -chardev pty,id=charserial0: Failed to create chardev

This error was received on CentOS 7, at the beginning of the install command:

The fix is to edit /etc/fstab find the devpts line and change it to:

Run remount command

And it should be enough

Booting KVM VM from CD image

You may list Your all KVM VM with command:

Edit the config file:

Add the following lines to the ‘devices’ part:

Then find the OS part:

And insert the

to look like

That’s it. Save the config and boot the VM :)

Script: populating the domainips file for the exim automatically (DirectAdmin)

Script for populating /etc/virtual/domainips records for the exim. Exim configuration change is described here It takes IP that is assigned to that domain in Directadmin and adds it to the domainsip file. Here is the script (Please note: it always overwrites the domainips file!!!):

note: You may add this script to cron, for automatic ‘domainips’ updates.

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