DBD::mysql perl module hasn’t been fully installed

DADA mail error:

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wsgi_python.h missing

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Yubikey 2 factor authentication for wordpress (U2F)

At last my Yubikey arrived!
Yubikey-edge to be more precise.

First thing I wanted to do is to enable 2factor authentication for this blog :)

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The host at this IP address is infected with the CryptPHP PHP malware.

Have anyone else got the same problem with cbl.abuseat.org??

Full message is here:

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Cacti Allowed memory size of 123456 bytes exhausted

If You get such error on after installing cacti, and no mater how big memory_limit:

Please make sure if You imported the cacti sql file.
My .sql file location was:

You may easily import the database like:

More info:

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How-to: open/close the luks partition

The title is pretty self-explanatory :)

To open the luks partition:

And to close it:

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qemu-kvm: -chardev pty,id=charserial0: Failed to create chardev

This error was received on CentOS 7, at the beginning of the install command:

The fix is to edit /etc/fstab find the devpts line and change it to:

Run remount command

And it should be enough


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