Cracking the RSA keys (Part 2 – generating the private key)

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Part 1 – Cracking the RSA keys (Part 1 – getting the private exponent)

For a private key generation, we need to create an asn1parse.txt file with the contents of:

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Cracking the RSA keys (Part 1 – getting the private exponent)

The whole idea of the RSA private key is the hardness of factorisation of two very large prime numbers.
That’s why recommended RSA keys are >2048bit long.
I won’t get into RSA details itself. If You need any info, it’s here: WIKI
For a sake of demonstration, 256bit public_key will be used. With the current hardware that we have these days, it’s very easy crackable.

Lets convert it to a more ‘mathematical’ expression:
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Add a separate SSL certificate for a subdomain in Directadmin

Directadmin doesn’t have possibility to add SSL certificate for a subdomain, unless You add it as a separate domain in domain control.

You may also use separate SSL certificates by creating a custom httpd (or nginx, but it would require to change the CAROOT line) file in user configuration dir i.e. (or if it’s nginx).

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Wrong LSAPI header type: 6 instead of expected 7

If You are getting this error after update:

That’s because cloudlinux developers modified their lsapi code, and didn’t add variable default value. Very nice guys…

The fix:

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DBD::mysql perl module hasn’t been fully installed

DADA mail error:

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wsgi_python.h missing

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Yubikey 2 factor authentication for wordpress (U2F)

At last my Yubikey arrived!
Yubikey-edge to be more precise.

First thing I wanted to do is to enable 2factor authentication for this blog :)

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